We’re lucky to have many creative and highly-skilled craftspeople within our market collective, showcasing a treasure-trove of beautiful gifts, homewares and collectables made or lovingly sourced here in Cornwall.

One such stall-holding duo are silversmiths Brett and Leni, who handcraft sterling silver jewellery inspired by life, nature and the everyday beauty of Cornwall.

This pair of artisans worked and travelled all over the world, before settling in a beautiful corner of South West Cornwall. Like many creative partnerships, their styles and approaches both compliment and contrast each other.

Brett & Leni make highly wearable, affordable jewellery in West Cornwall

“Leni always has an abundance of ideas,” says Brett. “The initial spark could come from anything, from a walk on the beach to a simple sketch from nature.” Meanwhile Brett’s approach is quite different. “I often sketch but my inspiration comes more from the material itself and working through various processes until I find a form or texture that I’m happy with,” he explains.

The pair strive to create unique and beautiful jewellery that is well crafted and affordable. Using 925 Sterling Silver, all pieces over a certain weight are hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. They can also stamp messages, dates or names onto pieces to give a personalised touch and are happy to undertake commissions – simply visit their stall at market to discuss your ideas.

Their work is inspired by natural shapes and textures

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Brett has chosen some of his favourite Valentine’s pieces to give you a few ideas.

These heart-shaped pendants are extremely wearable – subtle but with special meaning. Brett says: “I made the original heart from wax, carving and melting until I was happy with the shape, then I use this in a delft clay mould, into which I pour the molten silver. Once I have the cast heart, I then use 2mm silver wire to make various designs for the chain or cord to hang on. Each heart is hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office.”

Find something unique for that special someone here at market

Alternatively, Brett recommends his shell set. “I made this after acquiring a new set of hammers and stakes – after learning a few new techniques and practicing on copper, I started on the silver. The pendant came first, then I used the pendant shape as inspiration to make the earrings.”

We are lucky to have Brett and Leni with us most Saturdays throughout the year, and the stall is always hugely popular – especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Meet The Producer: Brett & Leni Handcrafted Jewellery

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