Meadowside Nursery

Family nursery Meadowside provides Truro Farmers Market with an injection of colour and a fresh waft of floral scents each week.

Regulars beat a path to Anne Pengelly’s blooming display, as she dishes out handfuls of fresh cut flowers and dispenses a selection of seasonal plants, along with advice on their on-going nurture.

Meadowside also sell fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The family business is traditional and unassuming, yet also proud and successful. You won’t find a website or glossy marketing materials, but you will find the Meadowside stall sold-out at market each week, and the nursery taking the top accolades in fiercely contested local competitions.

Anne takes care of the market and the cut flowers, whilst Brian and Ralph execute the planting and potting. The whole family have to plan ahead carefully, as they aim to have something to bring to market every week of the year. And they haven’t disappointed yet!

Meadowside Nursery