Based in the Tamar Valley, we are an artisan coffee roasters and members of the Made in Cornwall scheme.

We selectively source outstanding, speciality coffees from around the world with distinct flavour profiles; hand-roasting  them in small batches weekly, to ensure freshness and flavour.

We are careful to source  sustainable, organically grown and rainforest-friendly coffee beans and choose to only work with those suppliers and importers who invest in the welfare of both growers and the environment.

All our packaging is biodegradable/compostable.

As a coffee roaster, the artisan skill comes in retaining as much of the flavour notes of a bean variety as possible, while retaining sweetness, developing body and avoiding unpleasant bitterness.

We love great coffee, full of intricate flavours, and aim to bring you the best from our experience.

Also available via our online shop:

Landmark Speciality Coffee

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