Truro farmers Market have for some years now offered its customers a range of  ‘take away / fast food’  options,  notably Ruby Junes Indian Kitchen  (Curry)  but with the loss of Joe, our “Artisan Crepe” producer 2 yrs ago we had a vacancy for a “sweet treat” option for our customers.

I then set up “Kernow Churros” selling freshly made delicious Churros (which is based on a Spanish fritter dish).  Most countries, cities & towns have their own versions of Churros, our version we like to describe as  “A Spanish dish with a Cornish twist!”  After being dipped in plain or cinnamon sugar  they can be drizzled in either chocolate, caramel, strawberry or lemon sauce/toppings!  An ideal lunchtime or afternoon treat!

There are two basic options,  a standard “individual” portion containing 4 Churros at £4.00  or our newly launched spectacular  Giant Churros” at only £2.50! Its usually about 30cm ( a foot) long, comes drizzled in the topping of your choice & if you are young enough,  covered in “sprinkles”!!

Our Churros are freshly mixed & cooked right in front of you. We never use ‘pre-mix’  &  never use ‘brought in’ mix in plastic bags, we like to keep it totally fresh!

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Kernow Churros