“We make fine ciders, perries, ice ciders, brandies, fruit juices and vinegars in small batches from West Country Heritage fruit grown in Grampound. Our orchard sits in the Fal Valley on a South West facing slope. It is managed traditionally with no spraying, no fertiliser and no glyphosate. It has a diverse sward, encroaching hedges with Bluebells, Campions and Stitchworts. The inhabitants of some 40 or 50 bird nest boxes provide our pest control. It is undergoing Organic Certification. There are about 1200 apple trees of some 80 varieties, half of which are choice Breton strains. Brittany apples have exceptional flavours and thrive in our cool moist Cornish winters. Our perry pear orchard (possibly the only one in Cornwall) has rare and endangered British varieties including Coppy, Yellow Huffcap and Stinking Bishop.
Apple and Pear juices, 100% fruit like our ciders and perries, are available from July to November. They are produced without preservatives or colours and have a short shelf life. Brandies and Eau de Vie are made in collaboration with ‘Pocket full of Stones Distillery’ in Penzance by the most traditional and painstaking of methods as the finest Cognacs: double distillation in Alembic stills. This year we have made an Apple Brandy with fruit from Grampound and another with apples from Calendra Farm on the Roseland”

Winner of Camra Supreme Champion Cider or Cornwall 2019, we are very proud to have Gould Cider as a regular stall holder at our market in Truro.





Gould Cider

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