Food of the Gods Cornwall

Dal Hall was inspired to make raw chocolate because he loved the taste, the smell and the way it makes you feel, but lamented the fact that mass produced chocolate no longer retained the health benefits of cocoa.

He explains: “I have dedicated myself to making a chocolate that uses only the best raw organic ingredients available, with 96% cocoa content.

Food of the Gods is a rich and intense chocolate that hits the spot every time! I make the chocolate in small batches by hand at my kitchen in St Just, using three simple ingredients. Cocoa butter, cocoa solids and date syrup. All raw, organic and fair trade, it’s vitally important to me that the ingredients are top quality and the farmers producing them are getting a fair deal.”

Food of the Gods offers seven different varieties of Raw Chocolate:

  • Cacao dusted Mulberries (Sweet and chewy)
  • Cacao nibs and Rose petals (Bitter and crunchy)
  • Arabica Coffee bean (Strong and punchy)
  • Mixed Nuts (Crunchy with a smooth aftertaste)
  • Spiced Orange (spiced with Cinnamon and Nutmeg)
  • Peppermint Crunch (Refreshing and crunchy)
  • Ginger and Goji berry (Punchy and sharp)

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Food of the Gods