Beer and cider

Truro farmers Market have for some years now offered its customers a range of alcoholic choices, notably;  liqueurs (Spirits of Cornwall),   gin (Elemental Cornish Gin),  wine (Bosue Vinyard).

A number of Cornish beer & cider producers have been approved & traded with us but sadly, all have now moved on to pastures anew!

So, as I am the Personal Licence holder for the market I thought it a good idea to set up a stall selling Cornish produced Beer & Cider.  In June 2016 I arranged with four Cornish producers to sell their products on our market, all 4 fulfil the requirements & rules of our market & either have or would be “approved”  in their own right.

St Ives Cider” (from St Ives), ” Polgoon Cider” (from Penzance) along with the far smaller “Wasted Apple Cider” (from St Austell) can all be found on my stall.

A range of 15 – 20 ciders & beers, from the delicious & sweet St Ives “Porth” pear  cider to the strong,  dry  Wasted Apple “Red & Green” cap (bottle conditioned) ciders, the  very  popular Polgoon range,  Apple,  Berry & Pear ciders & a variety of “Pale Ales” from Rebel.

I am happy to be a full committee member/co-owner of Truro Farmers Market  which has been  serving  the Truro area for nearly 20 years now, TFM is a privately owned, privately run non profit making Co-operative which is fully independent. We try to provide a wide variety of sustainable stalls (whilst adhering to our ‘constitution’ ) & therefore if possible avoid ‘doubling’ up in favour of variety. Applications from different or unusual producers are always welcomed & considered.

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Cornish Beer and Cider stall