Please familiarise yourself with the Truro Farmers Market trading rules below BEFORE applying. Please note all applications will be considered at the next committee meeting. Meetings are held approximately every six weeks so there may be a short delay in responding to your application. 

Guidance for Traders with Truro Farmers Market Association

These Rules apply to all traders at all Markets.

Truro Farmers Association Markets are intended to be: a showcase for a wide range of good quality local products, well-presented and sold direct from the producers to the public; but avoiding duplication of too many of the same types of goods on sale.

All produce sold must be acceptable to Truro Farmers Market criteria & ethos.

A limited number of stalls are available and acceptance to trade is at the discretion of the Committee, who meet regularly to assess applications and attend to Market business.

All stalls must be booked & paid for monthly in advance on the first day of the month by cheque. Failure to make payments in this manner will result in a stall not being erected. Charges are as follows:

Tuesday, Falmouth= £24 – £30

Wednesday, Truro=£27 – £45

Saturday, Truro=£30 – £48

(Costs dependant on stall size)

The stall fee covers the provision of a covered market stall; the provision of a table & electricity if requested; the erection, removal, storage & maintenance of stalls & tables; ground rents paid to Local council; Public Liability insurance for the Market as a whole; website & publicity costs and a small honorarium to pay for secretarial services to the Committee. The balance of rent revenue is held in a Market account & is used for repairs to stalls, publicity, new equipment and promotions. The account is subject to annual independent audit.

Produce should be well displayed & presented. All persons working at the Market must wear appropriate clothing to provide a smart & professional appearance. Food traders must have clean white coats or appropriate aprons. Stalls must be kept clean & tidy.

Smoking is not permitted in the market or in close proximity by any traders. Licensed traders must use approved, disposable sample cups and display appropriate Age ID warnings.

All stalls must display the business name & address of where the products are produced.

All products must be clearly priced and labelled according to current Trading Standards requirements. Food produce must comply with current Food Safety Regulations (For advice on this, contact Business Support Team on 01872 – 323720)

Pricing should not be unnecessarily competitive within the Market or towards fellow traders in the town.

Food producers must show evidence that their production/packing premises are registered with their local Health Authority: details to be photocopied for TFM to place on file.

Food producers must provide a copy of current Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, not more than 3 years old. An unqualified person should not be left in charge of a stall.

All electrical equipment should comply with current legislation and display required documentation, in particular, recent PAT test stickers. (This includes plugs). Gas hobs must also be approved.

Allocation and siting of stalls is the responsibility of the Market Controller on site:

Mrs Anne Pengelly for Truro (01872-863340); Mrs Heather Bell for Falmouth (01326-291000). The Market Controllers have absolute control of the market on the day. Stall-holders must accept the location of the stall allocated to them. Any grievances to be taken up through the Committee at the next meeting. No trading from vehicles or trailers is allowed.

Stall holders must take down and store the tent backs, sides and gutters in the provided bags, and should do their best to look after the equipment.

Cooking of foods on the stalls is strictly forbidden unless this has been approved by the Committee and any food preparation must adhere strictly to the requirements laid down in Health & Hygiene regulations. Monitoring will be done by the Market Health & Safety Officer, and if there are any problems, the cooking will be immediately stopped.

Any additions or changes to your product range must be submitted in writing for consideration by Truro Farmers Market Association Committee. Do not add new products without checking first with the Market Controller if you need to apply separately to sell them.

All traders must have their own Product and Public Liability Insurance and have the certificates available to prove it.

Traders must attend on a regular basis, preferably weekly, to give shoppers the feel of continuity, though seasonal or special arrangements can be agreed.

If a trader is unable to attend a pre-booked market, then 48 hours notice must be given to the relevant Market controller. Failure to give notice may result in payment being due.

Any trader failing to show up at 3 consecutive markets may forfeit the right to a stall.

Traders may begin to set up stalls from 7.15am and all stalls should be ready for trading by 8.45am.  All vehicles to be removed from Lemon Quay by 9.00am.

Stalls to be closed at 2pm, Falmouth and 4pm in Truro & trading to cease then.  All vehicles to be off Lemon Quay by 5.00pm.  (A rota for driving on/off site may have to be enforced by Market Controller and must be obeyed.) Vehicles must not be left unattended on site.

If delayed in the morning, please notify the Market controller, & on your arrival, please do not drive into the Market, but park nearby & unload from there, so as to minimise disruption to other traders. Remember, we trade in very visible locations and need to conduct ourselves in a very professional manner.

Always use hazard warning lights when driving across Lemon Quay & drive with care.

Trading concessions at Markets are not transferable. If you wish to sell your business, the purchaser may apply to the Committee for permission to trade, but this cannot be taken as a right. Trading cannot be used as a marketing statement in the sale of your business.

No haranguing or aggressive sales techniques should be used. No dogs or small children to be present on the stall. All rubbish to be disposed of /removed by the stall holder.

All stall-holders must conduct themselves with decorum.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the market and return will be at the discretion of the Market Committee.

Infringement of any of the Rules could lead to suspension from trading.

No one may trade with Truro Farmers Market Association unless they have read these Rules and agree to abide by them.

To apply to trade on the Farmer’s Market, please email the secretary with full contact details and a brief overview of your product(s):

Mrs Chris Hatfield:

Truro Farmers Market Association.